The Importance Of Sex In Every Relationship

The debate on how important sex is for a relationship has been going on for a long time. While some may argue that it is not the most important thing, it is at the top. Sexless marriages or unisons typically end after a while. In some cases, it results in infidelity since one of the two begins to seek sexual release elsewhere.

Most couples and people in general agree that having relations with your partner is crucial. At the same time, there are also factors as to why some couples may not have sex too often, or at all. Strenuous schedules, lack of interest and low sex drives are just some of many reasons. For couples where one partner has more sexual hunger than the other, it presents a huge problem. He or she may want it all the time while the other person doesn’t want it at all.

You also have instances where one of the people in the relationship sees intimacy different. To them, being able to cuddle or hug together is sufficient. Still, according to experts and research done, sex in a relationship is extremely important. The benefits are numerous and crucial enough to not ignore. Some say that having sex on a regular basis can keep a person looking younger. That’s because they deem the sex as a form of exercise. Studies have shown that having sexual relations burns fat and calories.

If that wasn’t reason enough, you also have the health benefits. Research conducted on the benefits of sex found several things to consider. For one, those who have sex regularly tend to have higher levels of antibodies. Immunoglobulin A (LgA) release is one of them. This antibody is essential when it comes to helping fight diseases. It is also useful for keeping the immune system strong. Virus such as the flu and cold are kept at bay when this antibody is released.

Another great benefit for having sex often is the sleep factor. Individuals who have sex frequently tend to sleep much better than those who do not. The more orgasms a person has during sex, the better he or she will sleep. At the same time, sleeping better also helps our immune system become stronger. During orgasms, a hormone called oxytocin is released. It not only helps us sleep better, it is also beneficial to other areas in our bodies.

Women who have sex often can benefit from it substantially as well. Their menstrual periods become lighter and the cramps are diminished. There is also more bladder control and lower blood pressure. When women have an orgasm, they receive endometriosis protection. Men on the other hand, have their prostate cancer chances reduced.

Besides all of these great benefits for having sex on a regular basis, there is the bonding issue. Couples who make love often are typically closer to each other and have higher levels of communication. Knowing all this, go have sex with your mate today!

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