Skincare Products for Men with Dry Skin

Skincare Products for Men with Dry Skin

Most everyone stands to benefit from benefit from a regular skincare regimen. If a man has dry skin, it’s especially pertinent to develop a face washing routine. Maintaining healthy skin is important for self-care. If Jonathan Van Ness has taught Queer Eye audiences anything, it’s that a person should not feel discouraged from investing in baseline skin care products, regardless of gender or socioeconomic status. Arguably, basic skin care can be reduced to 3 products, which double as steps in the routine: cleanser, some sort of mask and a hydrating serum. Any additional products can act as supplements to the baseline products.

Here are some suggestions, curtsey of a handsome man with naturally sensitive skin:

Elta md Skincare, Foaming Facial Cleanser

On the product itself, Elta md lists that it’s “sensitivity free, pH balanced, oil free and a gentle enzyme cleanser.” Although the company speaks to how anyone can use the foaming facial cleanser as a makeup remover, what that says is that the product cleans excess toxins in the skin. If a person is going on a trip and does not have any room in the suitcase or does not have money to spend on products, cleanser and a hydrating serum will prove enough to maintain good health.

It’s important that the cleanser is sensitivity free, especially for people who have eczema. As for the pH-balanced feature of the product, that will help a man to keep consistently clear skin. The foam will likely help a person feel refreshed immediately upon using it.

Swisse Manuka Honey, Detoxifying Facial Mask

Evidently, charcoal and clay masks help remove unwanted excess and toxins from pores on a person’s face. Of course, detox masks aren’t only for women, despite the image of women using facial masks at spas and regularly at home. Men can use facial masks, in general, for impressive results.

Since there’s really only two steps, it’s easy to incorporate the step of applying a detoxifying facial mask into a skin care routine. All he has to do is apply the swisse manuka honey consistency to the entirety of his face. After around 10-15 minutes, he should wash it off. Arguably, a man need only use a facial mask on average 3 times a week.

 It’s useful to buy this product, in particular, because buying individual disposable facial masks can prove expensive rather quickly. A charcoal and clay solution will work as the best option for anyone looking to benefit from a facial mask because the product will last for a couple of months, if not several months.

Dermatory Hyal Ampoule Shot, Hydrating

The box leads consumers to think that this product is a serum that a person will apply a dose of by way of an ampoule or a smile vial. While that may be the case, the product from South Korea called Dermatory Hyal Ampoule Shot Hydrating Essence Moisture Facial Mask with the same box is a face mask. Perhaps, the ampoule is included in the box. In any case, it’s easy to use a facial mask.

For this product, the man just needs to open the package and strip away the layer in color that isn’t white. The white mask goes on his face for 10-15 minutes. The mask will start to dry, so he does not even need to set a timer. Then, he can throw the mask away.

Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner, Alcohol-Free

Calendula is a plant that companies put into products as a means to reduce inflammation. For men who have acne and want to remedy the problem, toner is effective in clearing skin. While it can be used as a preventative measure, in moderation, it’s helpful to apply after a breakout.

Anessa, perfect UV sunscreen aqua booster. SPF50+

This isn’t just a great product for men with red hair. It’s also great for any man looking to keep his skin healthy and protected.

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