Sexually Intimate Questions To Help Turn Your Partner On

Like most fires that eventually go out, many relationships have moments where things get cold. This is especially true when it comes to the fire in the bedroom. Too many couples find it hard to maintain the excitement, romanticism and sex drive in their lives. Keep in mind that according to research, having sex regularly is very beneficial for the partnership. Plus, both men and women benefit health and emotional wise.

Couples can use naughty questions as a way to turn their partners on. In addition to keeping your mate interested and faithful, you can also make sure neither of you become bored. Using sex games and fun questions are a great way to accomplish that.

Fantasy Outfit

Most men fantasize about seeing their mates in some kind of sexy and hot outfit. The women also dream about seeing their man wearing something erotic. You can ask each other what kind of outfit he or she would enjoy seeing you in.

Tell Me Your Naughtiest Story

Stron tension between them is very visible

This question can serve two purposes. For one, it can get the mood going as you talk about her or his past hot sexual experience. Second, you will get to know more intimate details about your partner. Ask each other what has been the naughtiest and raunchiest thing they have ever done.

What Would You Do To Me If…..

There are so many different things you can add to the end of this question. Many people finish it by inserting “if you saw me naked in front of you?” Or what would you do if lay perfectly still and let you have your way with me? The possibilities are endless.

Did You Ever Use A Sex Toy?

Masturbation is very normal and something most people do. Asking him or her if they ever used a sex toy in bed while masturbating opens many doors. They can tell you if they did and if not, then perhaps suggest one to get them going.

Which Is Your Favorite Sexual Position?

Most people have a favorite sexual position they enjoy. Have your partner tell you which one they enjoy the most with you. If you haven’t had sex with them yet, this can help break the ice. It will also let you know what they like when it comes to sex.

Grant A Sexual Wish

You can ask your mate if you gave them a sexual wish of anything they would want, what would it be? Or you can request that they grant you one. Either way, there are many things which you can both choose. You also get to know about his or her sexual fantasies.

Tell Me Your Last Dirty Dream?

Dreams are natural and most of us have all kinds. Some of them are sexual and dirty. You can question your partner to tell you what the last dirty dream they had was? Did it involve a celebrity or someone else? Was it about you?

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