Most Common Dating And Sex Issues

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Sex and dating are things that go together. Just like salt and pepper, shoes and socks and bacon and eggs. Sex is always an issue when it comes to dating. The only question about it is when it will become one in the partnership. In fact, most people who are dating someone new always have the sex subject in the background. When will be the right time to have sex with someone you’ve just started dating? How long should you wait before doing so?

These are typical questions and issues that arise. You will have parents, psychologists, friends, clergy and others who have their own opinions on the matter. However, the ultimate decision belongs to the two people involved in the relationship.

When Is The Right Time?

Most people believe that sex can make or break a relationship. That’s why when it comes to dating and sex, so much emphasis is placed on when the right time to have sex is. Although you have many people out there who are having casual sex, others wait for the right time. And research shows that doing so can be beneficial in the long run for a relationship. Keep in mind things such as how long you have known each other. Why do you want to have sex with the person? In addition, ask yourself if you are comfortable with one another and if you are both ready?

Sex Too Early Double Standard

For women, there is a double standard that has been in place for a very long time when it comes to dating and sex. Most men are generally expected to make sexual moves on a woman they are dating right away. However, if a woman does the same, she may be labeled as too easy or a slut. Even by the same guy she is dating. It is a sad truth that females should keep in mind. It is better for them to have a conversation about sex with the person they are dating.

Research has shown that men will form an opinion about a woman depending on how soon she has sex with them. Men interviewed stated that in their minds, if a woman slept with them too soon, she would do the same with other men. In turn, a negative impression about the woman is left. They will ask themselves whether or not the woman is worth committing to. Men who want a woman just to sleep with have no problem with this issue. It’s the men who are looking for a woman to be in a serious relationship that this is crucial to.

Another dating and sex issue some people avoid talking about is STDs. No matter how you may feel about the topic, sexually transmitted diseases are things to think about. Some diseases are curable and treatable. However, you have others which will stay with you forever and some that can even kill you. The best way to keep yourself and your partner protected is by using a condom. It will also protect you both from unwanted pregnancies.

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