Hottest Male Celebs in 2019

Hottest Male Celebs in 2019

Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis plays the devil in the show Lucifer. Although it may sound cliché to admit that he’s devilishly handsome – the sight of him, alone, is enough for viewers to take an interest in the show. Moreover, Tom Ellis portrays Lucifer as an antihero. It’s undeniable that he’s attractive partly because he’s relatable and hedonistic.

Ryan Reynolds

The banter between Ryan Reynolds and his wife, Blake, on Twitter makes people covet his relationship. It’s unquestionable that he’s hot, and his humor just adds to his appeal.

Tom Cruise

Paramount changed the release date of the second Top Gun film, and the wait for the movie just makes Tom Cruise all the more desirable. The anticipation is palpable, especially after he starred in Mission Impossible Fallout. For the film, he drove a motorcycle through the streets of Paris in a high-speed chase. It’s difficult to find a single person, who wouldn’t want to put his or her arms around Tom Cruise on the back of a motorcycle.

Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood plays a major role in the film adaptation of The Outpost. It’s a story about a battle at a combat outpost in Afghanistan. Scott Eastwood takes on the role of one of the American soldiers, who fought the Taliban.

Zac Efron

His 2019 portrayal of Ted Bundy proved eerie because people assumed Ted Bundy was wrongly accused, initially, because of his looks and charm, and it’s difficult not to favor Zac Efron in any role. In his role in The Greatest Showman, he had some audience members joking speculating that his co-star probably purposefully made mistakes during one kissing scene, as an excuse to kiss him more.

Bradley Cooper

Following his role alongside Lady Gaga in A Star is Born in 2018, B-Coops seems to have broken plenty of hearts. That heartbreak extends to anyone, who has either seen his blue eyes or has seen interviews of him speaking fluent French.

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