LGBT Friendly Songs

Five Musicians Who Wrote LGBT Friendly Songs

  1. King Princess, 1950

Remember Rue from the Hunger Games? She dated King Princess in 2018. Maybe the song 1950 was about Amandla Stenberg, but that’s speculative. King Princess is genderqueer herself, and she writes LGBT-friendly songs.

  1. Halsey, Bad at Love

Halsey’s hit in 2017 spoke to the letter B in LGBT. In fact, most everyone can relate to Halsey because it points to how she does not exclusively date one gender.

  1. Ali Youngblood, I’m Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You

The movie Jennifer’s Body features this song. The band Black Kids performs it. The lead singer’s sister wrote the song because she’s a lesbian. Certainly, the people who associate with the letter L in LGBT can relate. Men who are gay can also relate because the lead singer sings the song on the band’s album.


  1. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Mary Lambert collaborates with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on this track. Lesbians can relate to this song because Mary Lambert sings, “I can’t change even if I tried, even if I wanted to. My love, she keeps me warm.”

  1. Shura, Touch

Shura’s given name is Alexandra Lilah Denton. Women kiss women and men kiss men in the music video. The only pronouns that exist in the song are “I” and “you.” That means that everyone straight and LGBTQ+ can relate to this song.

Shura wrote the song about love and loss, which isn’t confined to any gender. Nearly everyone can relate to a love that’s lost but still permeates and lingers in a person’s thoughts. The narrator of the song speaks to someone who is now unattainable but crosses his or mind often. Shura sings, “I can’t believe that it’s been 3 years. Now, when I see you, it’s so bittersweet.”


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