Celebrities You Never Knew Were Gay

Celebrities You Never Knew Were Gay

Barry Manilow

His name was Barry (her name was Lola, she was a showgirl). Lola is a character from Barry Manilow’s hit song Copacabana. Manilow was famous in the 70s. When he was around 70 years old, he came out publicly. He decided to keep his sexuality private, until then.


Nathan Lane

Nathan Lane starred as Timon in Disney’s 1994 version of The Lion King. Therefore, it makes sense that Billie Eichner took on the role of Timon in the newest version because Billie is also gay. Billie Eichner’s adaptation of the character lends itself to the audience assuming Timon is gay – which isn’t so much the case in Nathan Lane’s portrayal of Timon.


Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller plays Michael Scofield in Prison Break.  He dates the redheaded nurse, Sara, and the couple’s on-screen chemistry would convince nearly any audience that Wentworth Miller is straight.


Ricky Martin

If you’ve sung the song from 1999, “Livin’ la Vida Loca,” then you know of Ricky Martin. He came out in 2010.


Brandon Flynn

The actor from 13 Reasons Why plays a straight character. He came out in an Instagram Post in which he advocated for LGBTQ+ rights.


Matt Dallas, Kyle XY

The star of the 2006 show Kyle XY came out, by announcing his engagement to a man in 2013. The belly-button-less hearthrob falls in love with Amanda, in the series. For anyone who followed the show in 2006 and lost touch with the actor, it’s exciting to learn that he’s married to Blue Hamilton.


Sir Ian McKellen

Sir Ian McKellen played Gandalf in the Lord of The Rings and Magneto in X-Men. He came out in the late 90s. Therefore, generation Z may not realize that the star in both movie franchises is gay.





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